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03 November 2009 @ 09:57 am
yay yay :]  
grrr i need to go run errands but i'm scared of my water breaking in public lol call me crazy but thats happened in my dreams several times now!! and i have to go to like... 6 places.. and walking helps put you into labor anyway and... not like i dont wanna go into labor but... okay. someone needs to come with me to run my errands that'll solve my problem lol mark just went to sleep at 8:30 so i really dont want to wake him up lol i misssss him though ugh..  i can bring michelle with me! she is always up for hanging out with me woohoo. riley loves country music, every time it comes on he smiles and starts laughing and kicking his legs and stuff. he is definitely a member of our family lol aubrey has 2 pairs of boots now hehehe.. pink ones and brown ones. she gonna be stylin!! my mom asked me to make my christmas list haha, it says.. hair done, gym membership, 6 months of tanning, teeth bleached, and clothes. she looked at it and told me i was getting materialistic, just like her.. hahaha. i have gained 2 pounds through the pregnancy and dr murphy says aubrey is about 6 right now, so in all actuality, i have lost weight and she said will be much smaller after the pregnancy. and its true that i have gotten a major attitude, but you know what, i like it. i wont have any more assholes walk all over me. its a new me and its freakin awesome. so in other words, because of being pregnant, i'm gonna look better, it motivated me to get back in school to have a career, and i'm a stronger person. and the person who got me pregnant doesnt get to have me. hahaha, he made me better, and i realize i can do much better than a 35 yr old with nobody really knows how many kids that works in a restaurant. wow, wtf was wrong with me.. lol its funny how everything happens. blessings in disguise. i laugh now, literally laugh, every time i think about wade, and compare him to mark LOL WOW! mark is tall, gorgeous eyes and blondish hair, built built built omg i love his arms. drives a big ol truck and is a damn country boy, literally from the sticks in virginia, with a career and makes good money, no kids never been married.. like WHY didnt i see it before! and he has a major attitude too, i think thats where i've picked it up from. because i hear him on the phone and he has no filter whatsoever lol he says whatever comes to his mind first. i need someone like that in my life. not sayin it'll last forever because aubrey, my family, and school have to come first, but you never know.. i'm stoked as to whats gonna happen in the next 6 months, i am so excited. even my doctor says, wow, your baby turned, blood pressure is completely normal.. did you get rid of some of your stress or what? i looked at her and laughed and said "you have NO idea" lol people say i glow, i'm always laughing and in a good mood, not miserable because i'm fightin with stupid baby dad every day about something like, me texting my ex lol what a joke... when he was doing the same thing? what a damn hypocrite. i have never met a bigger liar in my life, he makes jordan look like a prince lol. and everyone from chilis still texts me or writes me on myspace telling me how much they hate wade, and say that he's a shitty and slow bartender, and that he has turned into such an asshole since i've left.. and thats not just casey saying that, that's at least 5-7 people. and NOW everyone is like "why did you almost settle for THAT? what did you ever even see in him? you can do SO much better" i'm like jeez guys thanks, why didnt you slap me before this ever happened so i would have maybe seen it lol casey is the only one besides my family and mark that told me what a loser he was.. but trust that i have definitely learned and that i have no desire to ever speak to him again, i dont miss him at all, never once cried over him. it kinda hit me at once that i was about to settle. thank god i opened my eyeballs before any of that happened lol. woooo time to get ready and go out!!! :]
Jaymelckychrms311 on November 27th, 2009 03:36 am (UTC)
thank you! i am very very happy!